Tastes like it should.

Gilde Ratskeller

Our premium Pilsener with a traditional, full flavour.

Gilde Pilsener

A nicely balanced, aromatic Pilsener, offering a light note of hops and pleasant refreshment.

Gilde Radler

A refreshing, fizzy drink made from a mix of unfiltered beer from the barrel and a crisp, tart citrus flavour.

Gilde Radler Alkoholfrei

Biermischgetränk aus 50% alkoholfreiem Bier und 50% Erfrischungsgetränk

Gilde Free

Alcohol-free. Isotonic.

Lindener Spezial

The original Lindener. With a noticeable hint of hops for that special flavour from Hanover.

Gilde Rubin

The art of brewing at its finest