Jerseys for your team

Collect bottle caps and
win now.

Have your jerseys seen better days and resemble retro fashion? Have you been looking for a new set of jerseys for a while now because people can’t read the numbers on the back? Then join our giveaway and you can win from us a set of jerseys from the current Jako collection. Gilde Brewery returned to private ownership three years ago and actively supports pro, amateur and hobby sport in Hanover and the Hanover region. That’s why we’re giving away fully flock-printed sets of jerseys this year.

How it works

  • Collect Gilde Brewery bottle caps during the period 1 January 2019 to 28 June 2019 (Gilde Ratskeller, Gilde Pilsener, Gilde Radler, Gilde Free, Gilde Hell, Gilde Grapefruit, Gilde Campus and Lindener Spezial)

  • You’ll need 7,200 bottle caps for a set of football or handball jerseys and 3,600 bottle caps for running and polo shirts.

  • Once you’ve collected enough, you can come to the Gilde Brewery during the advertised campaign period and present your bottle caps to us on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • If you have the required number of bottle caps, we’ll give you a voucher for the dedicated website that you can use to order the jerseys in your sizes, complete with jersey numbers and club name.

  • If you’ve finalised your order with Jako and received confirmation, it’ll then take around six weeks until they arrive at the Gilde Brewery, where we’ll present you your set of jerseys along with a small photo to remember and – if you like – a post on our Facebook.

Our order page shows you all the available colours and designs for the jerseys, trousers and socks.

Terms and conditions of participation

  • The bottle cap collection campaign will run until 4 p.m., Friday 28 June 2019 while stocks last.
  • Eligible for entry is any team who pursues an activity together recreationally, such as football, handball, darts, running, rowing, firefighting, shooting and many more.
  • Youth teams with members below 16 years of age are not eligible to enter.
  • Each registered team may only participate in the campaign once.
  • Only current-edition bottle caps (see point 1) may be redeemed.
  • Winnings cannot be paid out in cash. Decisions cannot be appealed.
  • Personal data provided when participating in this campaign will be processed and used exclusively for carrying out the giveaway. Once the giveaway has ended completely, data will be deleted or its processing restricted in compliance with statutory regulations. Further processing and usage will only occur if and to the extent legally permitted.